Amy Ogden

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When Amy applied for colleges, she told all of her classmates that she planned to apply only where the mascot was the same as the Blue Valley High School Tigers. Really though, Amy just wanted a chance to yell MIZZOU RAH in a crowd and go to the J-School. Coming from a family identified as a Jiger Roo (Jayhawk for KU, Tiger for MU, and Kangeroo for UMKC), she had no trouble identifying herself both as a proud Missourian and Kansan. Bottom line, she's a lifelong Kansas Citian. Her favorite identity is that of aunt. It took 26 years to become one, but she's not complaining. Family is her home. Without them supporting her, she would be a shell of a person. Therefore, she feels the need to dig in and help others. Whether it's in her profession as an online supervisor at the media agency, Ruth Burke & Associates, or working on eight Halloween costumes for her family, or moving friends into new homes, Amy is typically the one who volunteers for the not-so-glamorous jobs. Her joy and contentment comes from being a part of someone's story. A contribution, whether obvious or discreet, tends to fuel Amy's mission. She's excited and nervous to transition her skills to helping to raise funds for the BMA Foundation. Now, she just has to dust off her dance pants from high school and college and dance like it's a living room pajama dance party with her two nieces. Just don't let her nieces know she went to a dance party without them, she'll never hear the end of it.

Amy will be dancing with Jesse Lopez.

Jesse Lopez

Jesse began dancing tap and ballet as a young child. Even then he was characterized by other students and staff as creative, outgoing, and stubborn. Jesse stopped dancing at the age of 8 and spent the next 12 years focusing on education, graduation and puns. He then rediscovered his passion for dance at The Culture House and followed that passion into Ballroom and Swing through Louis and Co. and Allegro Ballroom.

Now six years later he owns Evolve Your Dance (E.Y.D.) and professionally competes in West Coast Swing, his favorite style of dance, all around the World. Since his career start in 2014 he has won the Champion title in 3 National Cabaret Divisions, placing ViceChampion in 3 more. He also Championed over 10 West Coast Rising Star Routine Divisions culminating in his title victory as Rising Star U.S. Open Champion in 2015. In 2016 he won the professional routine division in Lyon, France and the MMISL Swing 16 preliminary tournament. Over New Years Eve Jesse ended the 2016 year with a titanic dance battle to claim his title as the 1st ever United States Swing 16 Tour Champion.

Jesse currently focuses his creative energies on streamlining dance education. He believes that everyone is a dancer, and if they ever want to prove him wrong he teaches private lessons full-time, go test his theory. He can be reached at 913-636-7696 or on Facebook by liking and following E.Y.D. Currently teaches out of the Melange Dance and Events building in Mission, Ks and throws a West Coast Swing party every Thursday starting at 9:00 with classes beforehand. If you are ready for your community, your body, your life to evolve, then light your inner fire and Evolve Your Dance.

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