Brian Fleming

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Brian Fleming is honored to be representing Bags of Fun KC as their dancer for the 2019 BMA Foundation Dancing with the Stars. Brian has always been so enamored with the work that the team at Bags of Fun KC do to bring joy into the hearts of kids battling life threatening diseases. Walking a mile in these families'shoes truly makes you realize where our priorities in life should be.

Brian is a residential real estate agent with Vitale Realtors and the BF real estate team. He is also a partner in a company that does non-emergency medical transportation called Secure Medical Transport. Brian has been married to his beautiful wife Anna for over 12 years and is the proud dad to three wonderful daughters, Mary Jane, Rose & Annie. Mary Jane was selfless enough to decide on her own that she wanted to give up her birthday gifts to accept donations to fill a bag for Bags of Fun KC. She helped inspire Brian to dance for this fantastic event and charity, and he is hopeful he makes his 4 lovely ladies proud!

Brian Fleming, like Brian Anselmo, was a proud member of the KCMO catholic school community and spent his formative years at St. Elizabeth grade school in Waldo. He also shared the same high school and college when he attended Rockhurst High School and the University of Missouri-Columbia.

The celebrities from Dancing with the Stars will no doubt be intimidated to be in the presence of not only such an elite dancer, but also a serious celebrity in his own right. Brian has appeared on both Wheel of Fortune and Shark Tank. Brian delicately insulted both Pat Sajak and Mark Cuban on national TV while catching the eye of both Vanna White and Lori Greiner. Rumor has it that both ladies were quite smitten. Brian famously called Mark Cuban "cubes" on the show, but the two of them now laugh about it at their weekly racquet ball game.

Brian is glad to be helping all the other worthwhile charities represented in addition to Bags of Fun KC and is hopeful that his years of training and dedication will pay off with a win.

Brian will be dancing with Jessica MacAuley.

Jessica MacAuley

Jessica began dancing at a young age in a rural Kansas town and followed her dreams to earn a B.A in Dance from Kansas State University, and then finally to Kansas City where she fell in love with her husband and ballroom dancing. She and her husband have a combined experience teaching of over 30 years, and often teach and perform together. In 2010, they formed their own independent business, Paramount Ballroom Company. Jessica teaches couples, singles, and youth dancers from the true beginner to the competitive student, with a positive, fun, and relaxed teaching style. She believes that anyone can learn to dance and that everyone can benefit from it. Jessica knows first-hand that learning to dance can be a life changing experience, after all it changed hers.

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