Christine Kinney

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The words, "Write a bio and provide us a headshot.", were almost enough to send Christine running when asked to participate as a dancer for the 2017 BMA Dancing with the Stars event. She spent a great deal of time soul searching. What was it that intrigued Jerry to consider her as a potential dancer? Maybe it was her ability to watch one son's baseball game while simultaneously watching the other son's game on a phone app. Or it could be the delicious lunches she packs and drops off at four separate schools when she didn't get them made in advance because her lab puppies escaped to the neighbors forcing her to do the walk of shame in her robe to retrieve them. No, it's most likely how she sits in bed attempting to match missing socks from the laundry basket while catching up on episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Whatever it may have been, she wholeheartedly devotes her time to her super-hot husband of twenty years and their four adorable children, two boys and two girls; hence her license plate 2OFEACH. Some of you most likely have seen it while shuttling those adorable children around town. She has a passion for antiques, flea markets and making her house a home. Her kids often plead, "Please tell us you didn't bring home more dead people's stuff!".

Other than her few years of dance lessons at Miss Darlene's as a child, involving some tragically ugly recital costumes, her dancing experience is limited to any time a Pit Bull song or "September" by Earth, Wind and Fire happens to play in her presence. She is incredibly honored to be a part of such a phenomenal event supporting so many valuable organizations in our great city, KC.

Christine will be dancing with Jim MacAuley.

Jim MacAuley

Jim has been a ballroom dancer and instructor for almost 20 years, he is one of the most experienced teachers that Kansas City has to offer. Jim has spent half his lifetime absorbing as much information as possible, having trained in American Rhythm, Smooth, International Latin, and Standard has made him an exceptional and patient teacher. His instructing style cannot be matched. His career has been spent traveling both nationally and abroad performing, competing, and training both students and teachers. Jim and his wife Jessica own and operate Paramount Ballroom, one of the largest ballroom dance studios in the city. They are strong believers in community, and helping others achieve any goal they desire and participate in as many charities as they can. Jim began dancing at young age, watching his parents dance around the kitchen. When he began training in ballroom, he fell in love immediately and never looked back. His passion has always been performing. He has performed at venues like the Folley Theatre, Dancesport competitions, other local charities, and the Lyric Opera. Jim is beyond proud to be a part of this event and looks forward to performing for another wonderful charity.

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