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In 2019 the Brian Anselmo Friendship Commons opened at the Rockhurst High School.
In 2010 BMA built a turkey exhibit at Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead to educate kids about heritage breed turkeys which Brian raised.

BMA has a special teams football award as well as a scholarship at Rockhurst High School.

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We have donated over 3,000,000 to over 20 local charities.

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The BMA Foundation is an integral part of the philanthropic landscape for so many important charitable organizations in Kansas City.”

“There is no doubt that the BMA Foundation’s support of Charlie’s House was instrumental in building the nation’s first safety demonstration home in Kansas City; and their continued partnership is a vital part of our ability to prevent accidents and injuries to children in and around the home.”

- Brett Horn, Founder, Charlie’s House

The BMA Foundation is a vital partner to St. Regis Academy’s Soar With The Eagles Scholarship Fund.

Our Scholarship funds enable us to serve our community and the hardworking individuals who are seeking a Christ-centered, liberal arts education for their child(ren). We are forever grateful to the BMA Foundation and their continued efforts in supporting our mission.”

- Robin Fisher, Principal, St. Regis Academy

KidsTLC has had the honor of being involved with the BMA Foundation for many years.

Throughout our relationship, this foundation has raised critically needed funds that provide a safe, therapeutic environment for hundreds of children and their families. Brian’s legacy is truly living on through those that are finding hope and healing on our campus each and every day!”

- Dr. Erin Dugan, President & CEO, KidsTLC

Bags of Fun KC is so grateful to have partnered with the BMA Foundation for the last several years.

Monies received from their grants have enabled us to expand our program to include many different pediatric populations that would not have gotten a bag of fun before. Through our partnership we have been able to deliver the healing power of play to hundreds of children in the fight for their lives!”

- Louisa Weinrich, Executive Director, Bags of Fun

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