Dr. Dena Hubbard

Dr. Dena K. Hubbard, MD, FAAP is a neonatologist at Children’s Mercy Kansas City. She attended BMA Dine and Dance with the Stars to support a friend in 2014 and was captivated by the Anselmo Family, their love for Mizzou (she is a School of Medicine Alumni), and their mission to honor Brian through supporting KC charities focusing on child and animal welfare. Dena had the time of her life as one of the “Stars” who danced in 2015 and joined the BMA Board of Directors in 2016.

Dena is a small town girl from Osceola, MO and now resides in Lees Summit, MO with her husband and high school sweetheart Adam, and daughters Emily and Reese. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, travel, dance, and music (especially karaoke!)