Jerry Anselmo

Executive Director Emeritus

Jerry Anselmo was born and raised in an Italian family from Saint Louis. He attended St. Margaret of Scotland elementary school and Saint Louis U. High. He graduated from Rockhurst College with low honors. Mainly, because he was President of the legendary Suzzer Fraternity, met the woman of his dreams and then started dating Mary Ellen Mitchell. He served honorably in the Air Force teaching English to Vietnamese helicopter pilots. Many of them graduated with low honors. He was very proud of his students.

Jerry Anselmo has been married to Mary Ellen Anselmo since 1969. They had a very active life serving on many boards, coaching, cooking together and still found time to have 3 wonderful children in Julie, Lori and Brian. They are fortunate to spend time with their 3 grandkids, Massimo, Luca and Francesca. Going to their games, programs, etc. keeps them moving.

Jerry decided shortly after Brian died, to start a foundation to keep his name alive and to help children and animal welfare in his name. He started it in 2009 and has built it into one of the best foundations supporting children in Kansas City. He continues to spread the BMA word and support the many charities that we support through the very popular fundraisers each and every year.