John Humphrey

John and Leslie Humphrey are both attorneys and have been married for 31 years. They have 4 children and two of their daughters have special needs. Their youngest daughter, Megan, has Down syndrome and the Humphreys never dreamed that she would be able to attend their home parish school, St. Thomas More. However, under the pastoral leadership of Fr. Don Farnan, STM adopted a program of inclusion called the FIRE program, which helps children with learning differences attend their home parochial schools with a model including paraprofessionals and special educators working with the students, often one on one.

St. Thomas More established a separate fund, STM for All, to help supplement the additional costs associated with this uplifting program. The BMA has long been partnered with STM for All and both John and his wife have been STM for All fundraising dancers at BMA’s annual Dine and Dance with the Stars gala, with Leslie taking home the 1st place trophy the year she danced. Leslie is the current president of the BMA Board and John, well, he’s kind of cute but the board asks him to not talk too much.