Mary Ellen Anselmo

Mary Ellen was born and raised in Kansas City. She graduated from Loretto Academy and then earned a degree in English and Education from UMKC. After retiring in 2015 from teaching Middle School language arts for 37 years, she has been enjoying her role as a part time paraprofessional. She also serves on the St. Regis Academy School Advisory Council where she taught for 30 years.

Mary Ellen has been married to Jerry Anselmo, the love of her life, for 52 years. They are the proud parents of their three children, Julie, Lori, and Brian. They are also the very proud grandparents to their three grandchildren, Massimo, Luca, and Francesca. They enjoy being a part of their extremely active lives by going to all their sporting events, dance recitals, and theater productions.

Mary Ellen has always loved children and been passionate about helping to make sure that every child receives a quality education. In addition, she has loved animals from the time she was a little girl. Her children never knew a life without pets in their home as evidenced by the 4 dogs, parakeets, and gerbils they grew up with that became beloved members of their family. So, she wasn’t too surprised when Brian chose to raise Heritage turkeys and chickens for a living while, at the same time, enjoying cattle, llamas, and his many dogs that also lived on the farm with him.

Mary Ellen believes very strongly in the mission of the BMA Foundation and knows that Brian would be enormously proud to see the great work the Foundation has accomplished in helping to fund local Kansas City children’s charities and animal welfare in his name.