Steve Bessenbacher

Hailing from the mean streets of Verona Hills in the St. Thomas More parish, Steve, or as the Godfather calls him, Stevie, has been a lifelong family friend of the Anselmo family. He might even tell you that his first paying job many years ago was having the big responsibility of dog-sitting Fluffy when the Anselmo’s were out of town way back when Duran Duran was perennially topping Casey Kasem’s Top 40. To Stevie, the Anselmo’s are family. Having attended the inaugural BMA Event back in the Rockhurst gym and many others since, the thought of being “in the show” was never a thought. However, after a couple special conversations with the Godfather and a little encouragement from John & Leslie Humphrey, Stevie was all in and competed and became the 2022 Dine and Dance with the Stars Grand Champion.

Steve’s day job is a managing partner of Crown MedRealty Partners, a healthcare real estate investment firm. But his all-time favorite job is having a houseful of girls. His beautiful wife and best friend is Jenny, who is clearly a saint. Together they have 3 special ladies, Emma, Izzy and Ava.

Steve wants to thank Jerry, Mary Ellen, Julie and Lori for the awesome experience of being a dancer and now board member, and more importantly, this amazing honor raise awareness to such great charities in Brian’s name…grazie.